The highest concentration in the market

The only one at 1000ppm

Discover the power of the Biomed Pure Colloidal Magnesium Spray supplement! With its unique patented technology , it helps regulate blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes . Experience its anti-stress effect and always feel full of energy and vitality. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your life with just one product. Try it now and experience the difference.
#Pure Colloidal Magnesium

Magnesio colloidale Attivo biomed - Nano Gocce - 500ml - 1000ppm


  • Pure Magnesium new generation SPRAY supplement
  • 1000 ppm - The HIGHEST Active Ingredient Concentration on the market
  • Regenerates ENERGY and counteracts tiredness, Help against Stress, Anxiety and Depression
CONVENIENCE FORMAT, supplied with a spray bottle to be able to transfer it and use it easily
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All the exclusive Puri Biomed colloidal supplements are composed of:

bidistilled water and active ingredient

The ideal concentration of colloidal magnesium for our body is 20 ppm (parts per million) and, depending on the intended use, it is used at a dosage of 10/15 sprays, 2/3 times per day, taken throughout the day, according to the methods of use indicated or for topical use on the affected parts even several times a day.

Internal use : 10/15 sprays under the tongue, 2/3 times a day, leaving the product in the mouth for one minute.
External use : Spray on the affected parts, even several times a day.

- All Biomed exclusive products travel via express courier .
- We guarantee delivery in 24/48 hours throughout Italy.
- In case of payment by cash on delivery , it must be paid directly to the carrier during delivery and € will be added. 3.00 to the total order for management costs.

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Benefici del magnesio colloidale puro a 20ppm di Biomed srl
Rediscover your Vital Energy
The Colloidal Magnesium that will change your life

Your body may be lacking in Magnesium , an essential mineral for the well-being of our body. Magnesium activates over 300 biochemical reactions, contributing to the reduction of tiredness and electrolyte balance, energy metabolism, nervous system functioning and protein synthesis.

Regain your strength and zest for life with our Pure Colloidal Magnesium spray supplement. This unique product, with its colloidal technology, will help you reduce stress and regain your vitality.

Experience the difference with Pure Colloidal Magnesium, a powerful ally for your well-being.

Mantieni i ritmi alti in questa vita frenetica MAGENSIO COLLOIDALE PURO - NANO GOCCIE BIOMED - 100 ml. - 1000 ppm
Contribuisce alla riduzione della stanchezza e dell’affaticamento MAGENSIO COLLOIDALE PURO - NANO GOCCIE BIOMED - 100 ml. - 1000 ppm
The best solution
When you need Energy

The right level of magnesium is essential for many functions of the body, from those related to the nervous system to the muscular and cardio-circulatory system, up to the control of blood sugar.
Potassium is one of the most important minerals in our body. It helps balance the fluid level of our body and counteract states of muscle fatigue . An excellent remedy in case of water retention and swollen abdomen, legs and feet.
Together with our pure colloidal magnesium, pure colloidal potassium is the supplement that best counteracts the effects of excessive sweating (especially in summer) and muscle fatigue.

But what does it do in practice?

Among the other exclusive advantages that this revolutionary SPRAY SUPPLEMENT offers we find:

But think about it!
Helps prevent diabetes

One thing Colloidal Magnesium is VERY valued for is one property in particular: It helps keep blood sugars under control, helping to actually prevent diabetes ( but guess what! ).

This does not happen by magic ( if it may seem so ), in essence our pure Colloidal Magnesium helps the body to better absorb the sugars of food.
In fact, by increasing the production of insulin , it favors the absorption of sugars in the cells, reducing their concentration in the blood .

Aiuta a prevenire il diabete MAGENSIO COLLOIDALE PURO - NANO GOCCIE BIOMED - 100 ml. - 1000 ppm
Aiuta l’organismo ad assorbire meglio gli zuccheri degli alimenti MAGENSIO COLLOIDALE PURO - NANO GOCCIE BIOMED - 100 ml. - 1000 ppm
Aiuta efficace per cuore, sistema nervoso e muscolare il MAGENSIO COLLOIDALE PURO - NANO GOCCIE BIOMED - 100 ml. - 1000 ppm
Combatte Stress, insonnia e irritabilità il MAGENSIO COLLOIDALE PURO - NANO GOCCIE BIOMED - 100 ml. - 1000 ppm
An effective aid for the Heart, Nervous and Muscular System
Fights stress, insomnia and irritability

Colloidal Magnesium helps to correct the rhythm of the heartbeat by relaxing the heart muscle, above all it helps to prevent Arrhythmias , as well as playing an important role in numerous reactions that occur in the heart, thus helping to maintain stable blood pressure .

Magnesium is a natural sedative that intervenes in the transmission of nerve impulses and helps keep neurons active. In fact, it acts directly on the production of serotonin ( the hormone that cheers us up ), thus relieving the typical symptoms of depression including: anxiety, stress and irritation.

Reintegrate naturally
Colloidal magnesium

Colloidal Magnesium is the best way to assume the daily magnesium requirement since it does not pass through the intestine but rather orally, so it will be immediately available to our body!

We at Biomed Srl are leaders in this sector and our pure colloidal magnesium is among the most effective on the market with a patented natural system that you will not find anywhere else.

It has also been designed for those who for one reason or another cannot take and replenish magnesium because they are unable to eat certain foods.

Per coloro che non riescono ad assumere e reintegrare il  MAGENSIO COLLOIDALE PURO - NANO GOCCIE BIOMED - 100 ml. - 1000 ppm
Reintegrarsi in modo naturale con il MAGENSIO COLLOIDALE PURO - NANO GOCCIE BIOMED - 100 ml. - 1000 ppm

Cheer yourself up with our Pure Colloidal Magnesium NOW!

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