Cosmetica Colloidale Biomed a base di Oro Colloidale Puro a 60ppm
Pure Biomed Gold
Innovative Colloidal Cosmetics

PURE GOLD, Innovative Biomed Colloidal Cosmetics:

Facial cleanser

Sublime Pure Gold Face Cleanser based on Pure Colloidal Gold with a very high concentration 60PPM, which allows delicate cleansing and gives radiance to the face.

Micellar water

Pure Gold Micellar Water is an exclusive product dedicated to deep cleansing of the face, décolleté and eye area. Excellent skin tolerance.

Eye Contour Face Cream

The seductive consistency of the Pure Gold Face Cream gives comfort and visibly regenerates the skin of the face and eye contour, restoring brightness and hydration .

Illuminating Face Emulsion

The Light Texture of the Extraordinary Pure Gold Illuminating Face Emulsion with LIFTING effect is an innovation aimed at regenerating the face contour.

Bags and dark circles serum

The exclusive Pure Gold Serum for bags and dark circles penetrates quickly, ensures a firming and nourishing action and provides the eye area with deep hydration .

Revitalizing Face Serum

Exceptional Pure Gold Face Serum with Snail Slime , reveals the natural radiance of the skin, acts in depth on the epidermis with a revitalizing and illuminating action.

The Power of Active Principles
The innovation of colloidal cosmetics

Discover Biomed's wonderful cosmetic innovation , try the cutting-edge colloidal product line now.
Each product has been created with selected active ingredients of the highest quality, including snail slime , syn-ake , Argireline and Bisabolol .
Colloidal Gold is a distinctive base ingredient in every product, known for its anti-aging and regenerating properties.
The functional properties of Argireline peptides, Syn-ake, Hyliss and Haloxyl, have been strategically utilized to create highly effective skin care products.

Discover the Antiage Beauty Routine with the illuminating face emulsion , the dark circles serum , the regenerating face serum with snail slime, the micellar water and the Biomed cleansing milk and enjoy healthier, regenerated and radiant skin right away .

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Principi attivi di altissima qualità, bava di lumaca, syn-ake, Argireline e Bisabololo COLLEZIONE OROPURO Cosmetica Colloidale Biomed
Oro Colloidale Puro 60ppm proprietà anti-age e rigeneranti COLLEZIONE OROPURO Cosmetica Colloidale Biomed
Migliora istantaneamente e a lungo termine la luminosità della pelle COLLEZIONE OROPURO Cosmetica Colloidale Biomed
Oro Colloidale Puro a 60 ppm per l'idratazione, la nutrizione e la detersione della pelle COLLEZIONE OROPURO Cosmetica Colloidale Biomed
Gold: the Ingredient of Luxury
Timeless beauty with OROPURO by Biomed

Biomed has created a new colloidal cosmetic line inspired by the beauty and luxury of gold. Gold, an immutable and precious element, thanks to its properties, instantly and long-term improves the brightness of the skin, rejuvenating day after day.
Biomed's exclusive innovative technology transforms Gold into organic and therefore 100% assimilable by the body. In fact, among its main benefits, by acting on the DNA of the cells, Gold creates an optimal environment to combat degenerative skin conditions. Biomed's colloidal cosmetic revolution offers you a unique beauty experience, thanks to the benefits of Gold Pure colloidal at 60 ppm for hydration , nutrition and cleansing of the skin.

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All the exclusive Biomed Pure Gold products are made using only Pure Colloidal Gold at 60ppm and active ingredients selected for maximum effectiveness.

New Complete Beauty Routine

The FIRST, EXCLUSIVE Colloidal Cosmetic Line in the world, conceived in 3 steps: CLEANSING, HYDRATION and REGENERATION and designed for cellular renewal of the skin of the face and eye contour.


Biomed has REINVENTED COSMETICS and our exclusive colloidal formula offers the highest concentration of Pure Colloidal Gold on the market, 60ppm .

Antioxidant action against free radicals for a unique youth
Goodbye wrinkles with Pure Colloidal Gold

The new line of Biomed cosmetics with Pure Colloidal Gold at 60 ppm supplies the skin with nutrients, deeply hydrates and fights aging.
This unique ingredient improves facial tone and promotes the production of elastin and collagen . Thanks to its detoxifying and anti-inflammatory action, it helps the skin counteract free radicals and cope with external aggressions.
Gold also has antibacterial properties , especially when used together with Silver , making it effective in the treatment of skin lesions, acne and inflammation of various kinds.
Its smoothing action softens the skin and evens out its texture, for a brighter and more uniform complexion.

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Azione antiossidante contro i radicali liberi per una giovinezza unica COLLEZIONE OROPURO Cosmetica Colloidale Biomed
Rughe addio con l'Oro Colloidale Puro COLLEZIONE OROPURO Cosmetica Colloidale Biomed
Il Tuo Corpo Merita il Meglio ogni Giorno COLLEZIONE OROPURO Cosmetica Colloidale Biomed
Tecnologia Italiana di Eccellenza Produzione Pura ed Esclusiva COLLEZIONE OROPURO Cosmetica Colloidale Biomed
Italian Technology of Excellence Pure and Exclusive Production
Your body deserves the best every day

Standard or low-cost productions, in addition to the trace element in this case Pure Colloidal Gold, generate accessory waste that is not very healthy for the body.
Our patented procedure, unique in the world, allows us to have extremely pure finished products, without salts or nitrates.
The nano-particles of all our products are among the smallest on the market, resulting in immediate transdermal absorption. Our production technology is 100% Italian excellence to guarantee the highest quality of our unique products.

Our highest quality ingredients, together with our exclusive production method, allow us to offer natural, safe and effective cosmetics , without compromising on well-being.

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