Nuova linea di Auricoloterapia autoterapia magnetica Biomed, i principi dell'agopuntura con la rivoluzione Biomed
Biomed Auriculotherapy line
Magnetic Auricular Self-therapy



The bio-magnets , coated with double 24K GOLD foil, are easy to apply. The therapy can be performed at any time with the same results as acupuncture .


The effectiveness of auricle therapy for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes has been recognized for years by the World Health Organization, becoming its official therapy.


It uses the millennial principles of acupuncture , using the latest generation bio-magnetic technology instead of needles, INVENTED by BIOMED , ​​in continuous development.


All bio-magnets for Biomed Auricular Therapy are Medical Devices validated by the Italian Ministry of Health.


They are made in compliance with European directives and bear the CE marking; as a guarantee of the very high BIOMED QUALITY standard.


Zerosmoke+ , Auricular Therapy for smoking cessation, is approved by the American FOOD and DRUG ADMINISTRATION .

The ear: the map of well-being
Does auricular therapy really work?

Auricular Therapy is a healing practice that involves the stimulation of specific points in the ear, which correspond to specific areas of the body. This form of therapy has been shown to have a significant impact on nerve centers that control vital functions such as breathing , mood , sleep , appetite , and other instinctive activities.

Unlike other treatments, auricular therapy does not just eliminate the symptom, but acts directly on the body's functions, providing a long-term healing solution .
If you are looking for a natural and effective way to heal your body , auricular therapy could be the solution for you.

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La Terapia Auricolare è una pratica curativa, scopri la COLLEZIONE Autoterapia Magnetica Auricolare Biomed
Agisce direttamente sulle funzioni del corpo fornendo una soluzione curativa a lungo termine COLLEZIONE Autoterapia Magnetica Auricolare Biomed
Innovazione magnetica per il Benessere del tuo corpo COLLEZIONE Autoterapia Magnetica Auricolare Biomed
Biomed affronta una vasta gamma di problematiche come la perdita di peso con la COLLEZIONE Autoterapia Magnetica Auricolare Biomed
Discover the power of magnets
Magnetic innovation for the well-being of your body

Biomed is the new frontier of non-invasive, autonomous and discreet care, thanks to Magnetic Auricular Self-Therapies, which allow you to stimulate points and areas of the auricle, through calibrated 24K Gold -plated biomagnets .
This innovative approach makes it possible to achieve important results without having to resort to drugs or invasive procedures.

Biomed addresses a wide range of issues, from weight loss to impotence , to treating problems related to sleep , smoking , concentration , nausea and stress . Thanks to its targeted curative action, Biomed auriculotherapy represents an effective solution for those who wish to improve their health in a simple and natural way.

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WHO confirms it really works
Auriculotherapy: EFFECTIVENESS validated by WHO

Auriculotherapy is a medical practice that uses the stimulation of the auricle to treat various pathologies. This discipline is based on the principle that each area of ​​the ear is connected to a specific area of ​​the body, and the stimulation of these points is reflected on the nerve centers that control vital functions such as respiration , mood , sleep rhythm- wakefulness and appetite .

Auriculotherapy has been recognized by the WHO , World Health Organization, as a valid therapeutic and diagnostic discipline. Based on the theories of acupuncture , Dr. Paul Nogier 's studies have mapped the pinna and the correspondences with the areas of our body. Find out how Auriculotherapy can improve your well-being in a natural, discreet and non-invasive way.

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OMS CONFERMA, L'auricoloterapia FUNZIONA VERAMENTE, scopri la COLLEZIONE Autoterapia Magnetica Auricolare Biomed
La stimolazione di punti precisi, si riflette sui centri nervosi COLLEZIONE Autoterapia Magnetica Auricolare Biomed
Terapie personalizzate e Discrete per aiutarti in ogni esigenza, la COLLEZIONE Autoterapia Magnetica Auricolare Biomed
Biomed porta avanti la sua missione di migliorare la qualità della vita delle persone con la COLLEZIONE Autoterapia Magnetica Auricolare Biomed
Personalized and Discrete therapies to help you with every need
The success of Biomed self-therapies

Auriculotherapy is a non - invasive therapeutic approach which is based on the stimulation of the auricle to achieve the individual 's well - being . Biomed, with its research in the field of well-being, has developed Magnetic Auricular Self-Therapies that use a pair of calibrated and 24K Gold- plated biomagnets to address various ailments.

Each product has been studied to ensure the effectiveness and success of the treatment. Led by dr. Giancarlo Bazzoni , president of the Italian School of Acupuncture and Auriculotherapy, Biomed carries on its mission to improve people's quality of life through innovative solutions.

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Copying is not the same as guaranteeing
Only original magnets: no risk, Biomed!

When it comes to health and wellness, choosing the right device is crucial. Unfortunately, there are many imitations on the market that promise to provide the same benefits as the original products, but sometimes they can prove harmful to your health.

Biomed products, on the other hand, are the best choice because they have been patented , tested and validated by the Italian Ministry of Health and approved by the American FDA. Our magneto pressure technology is one of a kind and has proven to be highly effective in treating various ailments.
Don't run the risk of buying dangerous imitations , choose the original Biomed product for your well-being.

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Affidati ai PROFESSIONISTI del BENESSERE Biomed COLLEZIONE Autoterapia Magnetica Auricolare Biomed
Garanzia della sicurezza e della Qualità COLLEZIONE Autoterapia Magnetica Auricolare Biomed