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All the exclusive Biomed Nano Drops products are made using only the active ingredient in its purest form and Selected Natural ingredients.


No injections, tablets, ampoules or powders to swallow, colloidal supplements can be taken orally at any time even on an empty stomach.


Quickly absorbed by the oral mucous membranes and deeply by the skin, they spread immediately , providing an immediate and prolonged action over time.

Discover Biomed's exclusive colloidal cosmetic specialties
Exclusive and effective treatments for your body

Biomed Colloidal Cosmetic Specialties are exclusive treatments for the body based on extremely pure trace elements.

The line for topical use includes the Soothing Gel based on Pure Colloidal Copper , the Cleansing Gel Body and Intimate, and the specific solution for Mycosis based on Pure Colloidal Silver .
Thanks to the exclusive gel formulation , the active ingredient is deeply absorbed for greater effectiveness .

The colloidal formulations are delicate and immediately bioavailable for the body, designed to alleviate skin problems, Pure Colloidal Collagen and Pure Colloidal Hyaluronic Acid .

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Scopri le specialità cosmetiche colloidali esclusive Biomed COLLEZIONE GEL Estetica colloidale Biomed
Trattamenti esclusivi per il tuo corpo COLLEZIONE GEL Estetica colloidale Biomed
Assunzione facile per un effetto immediato COLLEZIONE GEL Estetica colloidale Biomed
Possono essere facilmente assunti per via orale in qualsiasi momento della giornata COLLEZIONE GEL Estetica colloidale Biomed
Practicality and safety: Biomed
Easy to take for immediate effect

Thanks to their exclusive colloidal formula, Biomed Pure Colloidal spray supplements can be easily taken orally at any time of the day, even on an empty stomach, without undergoing the digestive process which often compromises their effectiveness.
Thanks to the revolutionary Nano Particles , Biomed Pure Colloids can be used topically , transdermal assimilation is in fact just as fast and effective .
Their active ingredient is 100% assimilated by the body, without any contraindication or side effect, they help to provide an immediate and prolonged therapeutic action . Thanks to their 100% natural nature and their effectiveness, Biomed Pure Colloids are the best choice for the well-being of your body.

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100% Italian, 100% Pure Products
Biomed: the excellence of technology and quality

The Exclusive Biomed Pure Colloidal Nano Drops Spray Supplements represent the future of re-integration. Our patented technology and 100% Italian excellence allows us to obtain 100% pure products, without any type of accessory waste such as salts and nitrates.
Our Nano Particles, among the smallest on the market, can ensure very fast absorption right from the oral mucous membranes, making the active ingredient immediately 100% BIO-available . Unlike low quality products, all our products in the innovative Nano Drops line are totally non-toxic, free of contraindications, side effects and risks of accumulation or overdose. Try our products and discover the immediate difference!

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Biomed l'Eccellenza della tecnologia e qualità COLLEZIONE GEL Estetica colloidale Biomed
Assorbimento velocissimo sin dalle mucose orali COLLEZIONE GEL Estetica colloidale Biomed