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Do you want to explore the opportunity to distribute in Spain exclusively the most unique , revolutionary , innovative and popular products in the supplement and cosmetics market?
Replicate the great success achieved in Italy and the rest of the world with these extraordinary products and obtained significant gains since the beginning with us!

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Are you a distributor with a solid knowledge of the local market and a consolidated distribution network in Spain?

Biomed is looking for strategic partners like you to promote and distribute our exclusive high-quality products: spray and cosmetic supplements based on colloidal nanoparticles , throughout Spain.

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Our presence throughout the world , including our own brands and private labels.


The number of loyal customers exclusively in Italy.


All our products have a shadowy repurchase fee for the industry.

Collaboration methods:
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Use our brand

Graphics and texts to resell revolutionary products.
We will give you complete support in the production of marketing materials.

Create your own brand

Or you can choose to use an existing one. Do you need help with graphics or text? Don't worry, we'll help you!

Personalized brand

Offer your own exclusive brand to the market with low-cost products, designed especially to satisfy the unique needs of your customers.


With proprietary technology , we are the only company in the world that has converted nano-particles , immediately 100% bioavailable to the human body through oral mucosa or skin absorption, all essential trace elements , vitamins and botanical extracts and necessary for our organism to reintegrate and function in an excellent manner.

Our Mission

Offer innovative solutions in the field of supplementation and cosmetics, using colloidal nano-particles coated with cutting-edge technologies and European certifications . All our exclusive products are carefully formulated to guarantee exceptionally superior results and satisfy the demands of even the most demanding customers .

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Please introduce your contact details for immediate receipt of our company profile and detailed information material on the distribution of Biomed products in Spain. Check out this exclusive opportunity! Complete the form and one of our agents will be in contact within 48 hours .

What distinguishes us?

Todos nuestros productos están certificados de acuerdo con las normas de la Unión Europea

European certifications

Biomed has always offered products of the highest quality that meet European standards . All our products are certified according to the standards of the European Union. This means that you can rely on the safety and reliability of the products that we offer to your customers.

Biomed es el líder mundial en la investigación y desarrollo de productos basados en nano-partículas coloidales

State-of-the-art technology

Biomed is the leader in the investigation and development of products based on colloidal nanoparticles . Our innovative formulas are the result of years of experience and a constant compromise with scientific investigation. We are delighted to offer our customers unique products that exceed the highest standards of safety and quality.

Todos nuestros productos son diseñados, inventados y fabricados internamente en nuestros laboratorios de producción, siguiendo los estándares de producción más est

Internal production and logistics

All our products are designed, invented and manufactured internally in our production laboratories , following the strictest production standards. We are committed to speeding up the production and shipping process as much as possible to guarantee a quick delivery that suits your growth.

Tendrás la oportunidad de recibir los productos con un diseño gráfico completo que se destacará en el mercado y captará la atención de tus clientes


We are aware of the importance of presenting products in a professional and attractive manner. We offer the total assistance of our team to personalize the package . You will have the opportunity to receive products with a complete graphic design that will stand out on the market and capture the attention of your customers. Also, if you choose to use one of our predefined lines, you will be able to enjoy the highest brand recognition .

Los productos de Biomed Son absolutamente puros y el proceso de producción y envasado se realiza al 100% en Italia en instalaciones estériles de nuestra propiedad

Storage and storage of products

Biomed products are designed to last a long time without losing effectiveness . They are absolutely pure and the production and packaging process is 100% carried out in Italy in our proprietary foreign installations. We use dark pharmaceutical PET bottles with dusters to protect the light and glass products, thus maintaining the maximum integrity and purity of the active ingredient.

Complete support
The joy of the Biomed experience

We will select our best team to provide total support throughout the entire process. Upon completing the contact form which is included in the continuation, you will immediately receive our company profile and initial material to enter the world of Biomed . We will be delighted to evaluate the possibility of establishing a contigo collaboration and share our knowledge , skills and, above all, successes .

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We are here to build a successful contigo association in the Spanish market!


Si deseas obtener ganancias de forma inmediata, elige una de nuestras exclusivas líneas de productos disponibles

Comienza y gana de inmediato

If you want to get the benefits immediately , choose one of our exclusive product lines available. Our lines of colloidal supplements in spray, colloidal vitamins in spray, colloidal botanical extract supplements in spray and the innovative colloidal cosmetics are of the highest quality on the market and offer a wide range of highly salable products. They are carefully formulated using colloidal nanoparticles and cutting-edge technologies , which only Biomed created, to guarantee exceptional results. These lines have good acceptance on the market, and you can benefit from immediate recognition and immediate delivery in Spain .

Queremos que tu producto sea único y especial, por eso te ofrecemos la posibilidad de desarrollar tu propia línea con tu marca

Create your own personalized line

Find out the success formula in Spain ! Personalize and create your own product line with this exclusive opportunity. We ensure that your product is unique and special , so we offer you the possibility of designing your own line with your own brand. It will be part of each stage, from the creation of the formulas until the design of the package. Our team of experts will work side by side to materialize a line of exclusive products that reflect your innovative vision and satisfy the specific needs of the Spanish market . Don't miss the opportunity to remove paper and mark the difference in the industry. Find out how to log it today in Spain!

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Regardless of the successful election you achieve, we guarantee you our total security. We are listed to accompany you throughout the process, offering you our valuable knowledge and skills to ensure a successful partnership . Complete the contact form that is included below and you will receive material to enter the world of Biomed and take time to prepare all your inquiries. A highly qualified agent will contact you within 48 hours to provide you with more information and respond to all your queries. Talk to us and find out about the success with Biomed in Spain !

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Make sure you leave your mobile number so that when you do so you will receive our catalog immediately via WhatsApp as an exclusive gift . Furthermore, one of our expert agents will come into contact with you within 48 hours to provide you with more information and respond to all your questions. We are here to build a successful contigo association in the Spanish market!