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Caisse+ by Biomed: natural balance

Biomed 's Caisse+ formula uses only organic herbs harvested in the wild to ensure maximum purity and quality . Composed of seven herbs, carefully selected for their benefits, the formula has been carefully balanced to create a unique synergy . Choose the best for your well-being and try Biomed's Caisse+ formula, the perfect choice for those looking for high-quality, natural products . #SevenHerbs
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formula caisse+ biomed - 240 capsule


  • EXCLUSIVE improved formula of the original by Rene Caisse
  • It helps to DRAIN and DEPURE the body and to REDUCE heavy metal deposits
  • Stimulates the BRAIN and the NERVOUS SYSTEM in a NATURAL way
  • An EFFECTIVE aid to counter INSONNIA
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Formula Caisse+ ingredients:

burdock (arctium lappa, root) plv; sorrel (rumex acetosa, whole plant) plv; Slippery elm (ulmus rubra, bark plv; prickly ash (zanthoxylum americanum, bark) plv; plantain (plantago major, leaves) plv; clover (trifolium pratense, flowers) plv; rhubarb (rheum palmatum, root) plv).


Oral Use - Capsules:
As a treatment : 6 to 8 capsules a day preferably at least 1 hour away from meals (even divided into 2 intakes). The capsules should be taken together with two glasses of warm water, they will thus be easily dissolved in the small intestine, where they will begin their purifying action. The effectiveness of the capsules compared to half a liter of Tisana Caisse can be quantified at around 90%-95%.
As prevention : For a preventive and purifying action, 3 capsules are recommended once or twice a day for a period of two months at the change of season. The Caisse+ capsules are in packs of 240 and must necessarily be taken between meals, preferably in the morning as soon as you wake up, taking breakfast at least one hour after and in the evening, at least one hour before a meal or before going to bed.

PLEASE NOTE : in case of indisposition, avoid taking it. It will resume in the evening or the following day.

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- We guarantee delivery in 24/48 hours throughout Italy.
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Benefici della formula caisse+ di Biomed srl
ideal choice for purification
The modern evolution of René Caisse

The advanced formula of Caisse+ uses seven extraordinary Canadian herbs , ideal for promoting the body's purifying and draining functions .

This modern formulation evolved by the Ojibwa Indians replaces and enhances the old formula by René Caisse. The four original herbs - burdock root, rhubarb root, native slippery elm bark and sorrel - have been enhanced by three new herbs - clover, native prickly ash bark and plantain - the exact percentage of which has been revealed by a traditional Ojibwa medicine . All the herbs are organic and the barks are harvested in nature to ensure maximum purity and quality . Find out more about our advanced formula for the well-being of your body.

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Solo erbe Canadesi biologiche raccolte in natura per la FORMULA CAISSE+ BIOMED - 240 CAPSULE
La moderna evoluzione di Renè Caisse, la FORMULA CAISSE+ BIOMED - 240 CAPSULE

Let's find out in detail these 7 herbs and their benefits:

Depurazione Biologica con la FORMULA CAISSE+ BIOMED - 240 CAPSULE
La radice di Bardana ha un'azione diuretica nella FORMULA CAISSE+ BIOMED - 240 CAPSULE
#Bardana root and #Sorrel
Biological purification with Caisse+

Caisse+ is an innovative product , composed of a formula of seven organic herbs. Burdock root and Sorrel are the two main plants in the formulation, whose beneficial properties have been appreciated by the Ojibwa Indians, who have developed the Caisse+ formula over the years. Burdock root, carefully harvested in the autumn of the first vegetative year and in the spring of the second, has a diuretic and blood purifying action , while the sorrel is a precious source of chlorophyll and Vitamin C , an ideal help to combat anemia .

Caisse+ is designed to offer natural and effective help for the well-being of the body , through a formula designed to help the assimilation of nutrients and purge the body .

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#Spinoso Ash
Caisse+ by Biomed, the advanced formula

Thorny Ash is a plant used in herbal medicine for its exclusive beneficial properties. In fact, its bark and berries are used for example to relieve abdominal pain , to improve digestion , to strengthen the immune system and to fight infections and worms .

The plant belongs to the Rutaceae family, which includes other plants with aromatic and pungent qualities. Its precious berries have a smell similar to lemon oil and are gathered in clusters on the tops of the branches.
The Prickly Ash has a beneficial action on the relaxing nervous system , helping to reduce stress and anxiety .

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Allevia dolori addominali e rinforza il sistema immunitario, la FORMULA CAISSE+ BIOMED - 240 CAPSULE
L'effetto rilassante naturale del frassino spinoso nella FORMULA CAISSE+ BIOMED - 240 CAPSULE
Azione digestiva e purificante del fegato, la FORMULA CAISSE+ BIOMED - 240 CAPSULE
Aggiungere questi rimedi naturali alla propria routine può portare numerosi benefici al benessere generale FORMULA CAISSE+ BIOMED - 240 CAPSULE
#Rhubarb #CortecciaOlmoRosso
Helps digestion naturally

Improving digestion and cleansing the body naturally is an important goal for many people.

Rhubarb root and Red Elm bark can be valid allies in this sense. Rhubarb root, rich in properties, is used to counteract diarrhea, stimulate appetite and as a purgative. Furthermore, thanks to its digestive and liver purifying action , it can also be useful for those who suffer from weak digestion or want to purify themselves. The bark of red elm , on the other hand, thanks to inulin , can help the liver and reduce swelling, resulting in a valid aid for the decongestion of the joints . Adding these natural remedies to your routine can bring numerous benefits to your overall well-being .

#Natural Digestion #CortecciadiOlmoRosso #Arthrosis

#Clover and #Plantain here are the superfoods
Rebalance your body

If you want to improve your well-being, you should learn about clover and plantain . Clover is a natural remedy that acts on the lymphatic , blood and respiratory systems, promoting diuresis and blood purification. In India, it is also used to increase breast milk production and to help the uterus recover after childbirth.

Plantain , on the other hand, acts on the thyroid and parathyroid system, regulating the balance of calcium and phosphorus in the body, improving lymphatic and blood circulation, and supporting muscle and nerve function . Plantain is also helpful for external and internal wounds and infections. Add these natural remedies to your lifestyle and enjoy their benefits!

#phytotherapy #blood circulation #energyvitality

La piantaggine agisce sul sistema tiroideo e paratiroideo nella FORMULA CAISSE+ BIOMED - 240 CAPSULE
Il trifoglio agisce sul sistema linfatico, sanguigno e respiratorio nella FORMULA CAISSE+ BIOMED - 240 CAPSULE

Discover the benefits of Biomed's Caisse+ formula NOW!

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