The Supreme Concentration in the Market

Innovation at 1100PPM

Explore the new horizon of well-being with Biomed's Exclusive Colloidal Magnesium Spray ! This exclusive spray supplement system is positioned at the forefront as an aid to regulate blood sugar levels and combat daily stress. Don't miss the opportunity to revolutionize your daily life with a simple gesture.
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MAGNESIO COLLOIDALE - Integratore Spray Sublinguale Ultra Concentrato - BIOMED 1000 ppm

COLLOIDAL MAGNESIUM - Ultra Concentrated Sublingual Spray Supplement - BIOMED 1100 ppm

  • NEW FORMULATION at 1100ppm even more concentrated and effective TRY IT NOW!

  • New generation Active Magnesium SPRAY supplement
  • 1100 ppm - The HIGHEST Active Ingredient Concentration on the market
  • Regenerates ENERGY and combats tiredness, helps against stress , anxiety and depression
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Promozione SCOPRI gli SCONTI ESCLUSIVI A TE RISERVATI, Chatta Subito con noi!!!

All Puri Biomed exclusive colloidal supplements are composed of:

double distilled water and active ingredient

NB: Once opened, store in the fridge


The ideal concentration of colloidal magnesium for our organism is 1100 ppm (parts per million) and, depending on the intended use, it is used at a dosage of 10/15 sprays, 2/3 times per day, taken throughout the day, according to the methods of use indicated or for topical use on the affected parts even several times a day.

DOSAGE: Internal use : 10/15 sprays under the tongue, 2/3 times a day, leaving the product in the mouth for a minute.
External use : Spray on the affected parts, even several times a day.

- All Biomed exclusive products travel via express courier .
- We guarantee delivery in 24/48 hours throughout Italy.
- In case of payment by cash on delivery , it must be paid directly to the carrier during delivery and € will be added. 3.00 to the total order for management costs.

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Energy and Vitality

Colloidal Magnesium in Biomed Spray helps increase energy and vitality , reducing tiredness and improving muscle and nervous function.

Metabolic Balance

It promotes better energy metabolism and electrolyte balance, essential for optimal and lasting physical well-being .

Stress and Relax

It helps effectively counteract stress and promotes relaxation , improving the quality of sleep and reducing irritability for maximum daily well-being.

Vital Energy at Your Side
Transform your day thanks to Magnesium spray

Do you live each day to the fullest? If you feel constantly fatigued and under pressure, it may be time to consider our Active Colloidal Magnesium Exclusive Spray .
This crucial mineral activates over 300 essential reactions in the body, promoting energy restoration, electrolyte balance, and supporting energy metabolism. With our new enhanced formula and smaller particle size, our spray offers an optimized absorption method for immediate well-being . Feel reborn and full of vigor with Biomed.

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Trasforma la Tua Giornata grazie al Magnesio spray MAGENSIO COLLOIDALE PURO - NANO GOCCIE BIOMED - 1100 ppm - Copia
Advanced Solution for Your Wellbeing
The Spark of Energy You Are Looking for

Maintaining an optimal fluid and electrolyte balance is essential for the well-being of the nervous, muscular and cardiovascular systems. Our advanced formula of Biomed Exclusive Colloidal Magnesium and Potassium Spray is the answer to your needs, effectively counteracting muscle fatigue and the effects of excessive sweating. This exclusive supplement system is designed to offer you immediate support in times of need, guaranteeing you energy and freshness even on the busiest days.

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Revolutionary Discovery
Exclusive ally against diabetes

Our innovative formula of ultra-concentrated Colloidal Magnesium in Spray not only helps with daily well-being , but also proves to be a precious ally in controlling blood sugar levels. Our Exclusive Spray can in fact help with the absorption of dietary sugars and the production of insulin, significantly contributing to the prevention of diabetes.
A revolutionary approach that combines advanced science and nature for your well-being.

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Aiuta a prevenire il diabete MAGENSIO COLLOIDALE PURO - NANO GOCCIE BIOMED - 1100 ppm
Combatte Stress, insonnia e irritabilità il MAGENSIO COLLOIDALE PURO - NANO GOCCIE BIOMED - 1100 ppm
Complete Support for Your Wellbeing
Fight Stress and Fatigue with the help of Nature

Biomed Active Colloidal Magnesium Spray acts as a natural calmer, regulating the heart rhythm and promoting the well-being of the nervous and muscular systems. Our revamped formula , with smaller molecules for optimal absorption, gives you unprecedented support against stress, insomnia and irritability. Rediscover serenity and emotional control with our exclusive spray.

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Very fast natural and direct intake
Discover Colloidal Magnesium in Its Purest Form

Our Colloidal Magnesium represents the ideal solution to satisfy the daily magnesium requirement in a natural and direct way, thanks to our exclusive spray system .
Biomed Srl , leader in the sector, offers an advanced formula that guarantees unparalleled efficiency and practicality . Designed for those looking for a valid alternative to traditional supplements, our spray facilitates immediate assimilation, helping to bring tangible benefits to your daily well-being .

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Laforma più pura nel nostro MAGENSIO COLLOIDALE PURO - NANO GOCCIE BIOMED - 1100 ppm

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