L'Esclusivo ARGENTO COLLOIDALE - Integratore Colloidale Puro Spray - Nano Gocce BIOMED 20 ppm

NEW Ultra Effectiveness!

New Colloidal Silver Spray 25ppm

Try the NEW BIOMED Colloidal Silver at 25PPM : now with 25% more power!
It combines antibacterial and anti-inflammatory efficacy in an exclusive formula. Acclaimed by thousands , it is your ally for well-being . TRY the difference NOW!
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NUOVO ARGENTO COLLOIDALE - Integratore Spray Sublinguale Ultra Concentrato - BIOMED 25 ppm
COLLOIDAL SILVER - Ultra Concentrated Sublingual Spray Supplement - BIOMED 25 ppm
COLLOIDAL SILVER - Ultra Concentrated Sublingual Spray Supplement - BIOMED 25 ppm
ARGENTO COLLOIDALE - Integratore Spray Sublinguale Ultra Concentrato - BIOMED 25 ppm
PLATA COLOIDAL - Suplemento en Spray Sublingual Ultra Concentrado - BIOMED 25 ppm
COLLOIDAL SILVER - Ultra Concentrated Sublingual Spray Supplement - BIOMED 25 ppm
ARGENT COLLOÏDAL - Complément en Spray Sublingual Ultra Concentré - BIOMED 25 ppm
KOLLOIDALES SILBER - Ultra Konzentriertes Sublinguales Spray-Ergänzungsmittel - BIOMED 25 ppm

COLLOIDAL SILVER - Ultra Concentrated Sublingual Spray Supplement - BIOMED 25 ppm


  • New generation COLLOIDAL SUBLINGUAL SPRAY supplement
  • ULTRA CONCENTRATED COLLOIDAL SILVER at 25ppm , the highest concentration on the market
  • The MOST POWERFUL NATURAL Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory and Disinfectant in the world, TODAY EVEN MORE EFFECTIVE
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All the exclusive Puri Biomed colloidal supplements are composed of:

bidistilled water and active ingredient

The ideal concentration of colloidal silver for our organism is 25 ppm (parts per million) and, depending on the use you want to make of it, it is used at a dosage of 10/15 sprays, 2/3 times per day, taken throughout the day, according to the methods of use indicated or for topical use on the affected parts even several times a day.

Internal use : 10/15 sprays under the tongue, 2/3 times a day, leaving the product in the mouth for one minute.
External use : Spray on the affected parts, even several times a day.

- All exclusive Biomed products travel via express courier .
- We guarantee delivery within 48/72 hours throughout mainland Italy.
- In case of payment by cash on delivery , it must be paid directly to the carrier during delivery and € will be added. 3.00 to the total order for management costs.

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Biomed Ultra-Concentrated Colloidal Silver in spray is a powerful ally against flu symptoms . Its antibacterial efficacy helps to combat tooth decay , disinfecting the oral cavity and helping to relieve coughs, sore throats and sinusitis .


This innovative sublingual spray is an effective aid against Acne , Herpes , even Zoster, and Rosacea. Excellent for disinfecting cuts, wounds, burns, it helps reduce the symptoms of inflammation and nasal polyps.


For millennia, Silver has been considered and used as the most powerful natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and disinfectant. Find out how this natural product is effective against 600 types of viruses , bacteria and fungi .

Ultra-Concentrated Colloidal Silver

Discover the new frontier of innovation with BIOMED Colloidal Silver Sublingual Nano-Drops Spray : now with ultra-small molecules and 25% more concentration at 25 ppm !
This revolutionary formula, offered at an unbeatable price , maximizes effectiveness and sublingual absorption, designed for a unique and personalized experience. Experience natural power and unprecedented purity , while maintaining the same incredible value for you. A real revolution and innovation in the field of colloidal supplements!

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Nuovo Argento Spray sublinguale colloidale 25ppm potere naturale e purezza senza precedenti

New Exclusive Formula

25% Even More Effective and Concentrated!!!

NEW Biomed Colloidal Silver , now 25% more effective with sublingual spray integration . Our video illustrates the effect of silver on bacteria, showing how it potentially acts by depriving them of oxygen and fragmenting them, thus promoting their possible natural elimination from the body . This innovative formula, designed for sublingual or topical use , is highly effective for overall well-being.
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Natural Modern Solution
BIOMED: The Essence of Silver

BIOMED Colloidal Silver stands out as a natural and versatile solution for daily care. Historically appreciated for its antibacterial properties, this supplement helps fight viruses and bacteria. Its colloidal form, safe and immediately assimilable , acts effectively starting from the oral mucous membranes.
Ideal for both internal and external use, this product comes in different formats , adapting to your travel or daily needs. Discover the benefits of an ancient solution in a modern and safe formula .

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Nuovo Argento Spray sublinguale colloidale 25ppm sicuro e immediatamente assimilato agisce efficacemente
Nuovo Argento Spray sublinguale colloidale 25ppm ultra concentrato, potenziato a 25ppm
New Natural Wellbeing

Discover innovation in the field of well-being with BIOMED Ultra-Concentrated Colloidal Silver Spray at 25ppm, the most concentrated on the market.
This unique formula is an effective aid in combating over 650 pathogenic organisms , including bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Silver offers a safe and natural alternative to traditional therapies. Naturalness and Safety , a step towards a more harmonious approach with nature.

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Innovation for Leather
Silver Mycosis Spray: Beauty

Discover the Silver Nano Drops Mycosis : The innovative ally for the external care of skin, nails and scalp . Our exclusive 110PPM formula offers a professional approach, aimed at improving the look and feel of treated areas. These unique drops can help renew and revitalize, promising results that may surprise you. Experience the change, choose Nano Goccie d'argento Mycosis for a touch of daily well-being.

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Disinfetta l'apparato respiratorio in caso di raffreddore e mal di gola ARGENTO COLLOIDALE - Integratore Colloidale Puro Spray - Nano Gocce BIOMED 20 ppm
100% Natural and Versatile
BIOMED SILVER, How does it help you?

Explore Biomed Pure Colloidal Silver , a cutting-edge, ULTRA CONCENTRATED sublingual spray supplement. This product can bring potential benefits in various areas:
- Respiratory system
: Effective help in case of colds and sore throats.
- Skin Care
: for problems such as acne, herpes, rosacea and other skin disorders.
- Oral Hygiene : It can help prevent tooth decay.
- Disinfection and Relief : Aid for disinfection and relief in case of wounds, cuts and burns.
Biomed Pure Colloidal Silver
the natural INNOVATION for your well-being.

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Biomed Colloidal Silver Spray:


PET Care Innovative spray
Silverpet, the Multifunctional Spray

Discover the versatility and effectiveness of SILVERPET Colloidal Silver , a spray supplement designed for the well-being of your animals. Thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal properties , SILVERPET is a valid aid for treating infections and inflammation caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses in mammals, birds and reptiles. It can help eliminate bad odors from the fur, leaving the skin and coat of animals fresher and cleaner.
SILVERPET, the safe and natural solution, free of harmful chemicals, for the well-being of your four-legged friends, effective results without side effects.

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Nuovo Argento Spray sublinguale colloidale 25ppm ultra concentrato per una crescita rigogliosa in modo naturale
Eco & Lush Plants
Silver Spray 25PPM - Biomed

Discover innovation in plant well-being with our Silver Ultra Concentrated Spray at 25PPM . This advanced formula represents an effective alternative to chemicals, ideal for a wide range of plants, both fruit and ornamental.
- Non-Toxic:
Perfect for home and garden use.
- Lush Growth:
Potentially promotes healthier plant growth.
- Eco-Friendly:
A smart choice for those looking for natural solutions.
safety and effectiveness with BIOMED Silver Ultra Concentrated Spray – your natural and ecological solution .

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