L'Eslusivo ZINCO COLLOIDALE - Integratore Colloidale Puro - Nano Gocce BIOMED 20 ppm

The highest concentration on the market

25PPM Innovation: Unprecedented Power

Explore the frontier of innovation with our new exclusive Biomed Colloidal Zinc spray integration system . Thanks to its new ultra-concentrated formulation and reduced molecules , this product is unmatched in enhancing overall well-being for an enriched and protected life. #InnovativeZinc #SprayInnovant #BiomedSrl

ZINCO COLLOIDALE - Integratore Spray Sublinguale Ultra Concentrato - BIOMED 25 ppm

COLLOIDAL ZINC - Ultra Concentrated Sublingual Spray Supplement - BIOMED 25 ppm

  • NEW FORMULATION at 25ppm even more concentrated and effective TRY IT NOW!

  • New generation Active Zinc SPRAY supplement
  • 25 ppm - The HIGHEST Active Ingredient Concentration on the market
  • Well-being of the SKIN and MEMORY, helps improve Eros and COUNTERFEIT fatigue
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Promozione SCOPRI gli SCONTI ESCLUSIVI A TE RISERVATI, Chatta Subito con noi!!!

All Puri Biomed exclusive colloidal supplements are composed of:

double distilled water and active ingredient

NB: Once opened, store in the fridge


The ideal concentration of colloidal zinc for our organism is 25 ppm (parts per million) and, depending on the intended use, it is used at a dosage of 10/15 sprays, 2/3 times per day, taken throughout the day, according to the methods of use indicated or for topical use on the affected parts even several times a day.


Internal use : 10/15 sprays under the tongue, 2/3 times a day, leaving the product in the mouth for one minute.
External use : Spray on the affected parts, even several times a day.

- All Biomed exclusive products travel via express courier .
- We guarantee delivery in 24/48 hours throughout Italy.
- In case of payment by cash on delivery , it must be paid directly to the carrier during delivery and € will be added. 3.00 to the total order for management costs.

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Immune Support

Colloidal Zinc in Biomed Spray helps strengthen the immune system , protecting the body from pathogens for lasting well-being .

Natural Beauty

Helps promote glowing skin and healthy hair . Biomed Colloidal Zinc Spray is the antioxidant ally for eternal skin youth .

Mental Vitality

Helps improve cognitive functions and memory. Colloidal Zinc Spray Biomed stimulates mental energy and concentration for optimal performance .

Elevate your well-being with the natural spray that makes the difference
Smart Choice: Colloidal Zinc

Immerse yourself in the science of optimal absorption with our new Biomed Active Colloidal Zinc.
This exclusive spray supplement system offers you complete support , helping to protect you from oxidative stress and promoting adequate hydration . Its crucial presence in muscles, bones and eyes attests to its vital role in keeping your body in balance.
Easy to integrate into your daily routine, our spray is the key to lasting well-being .

#ZincWellness #NaturalWellness #EnergíaZinc #DailyVitality #BienestarNatural

Integratore Spray NATURALE per il benessere mentale, ZINCO COLLOIDALE - Integratore Colloidale Puro - Nano Gocce BIOMED 20 ppm
L'integratore spray naturale che fa la differenza ZINCO COLLOIDALE - Integratore Colloidale Puro - Nano Gocce BIOMED 20 ppm
An antioxidant for radiant skin and shiny hair
Beauty Supported by Zinc Spray

Discover the secret of eternal beauty with the new Colloidal Zinc spray.
Zinc, a fundamental element for the health of skin and hair , offers an antioxidant action that preserves youth and skin elasticity . Our signature spray works against the harmful effects of the environment, helping to ensure glowing skin and strong hair . Make Biomed Colloidal Zinc Spray part of your beauty ritual and enjoy a deep treatment that leaves its mark.

#ImmuneSupport #SupplementSpray #Men'sHealth #KraftDesZinks

A natural stimulus for mental well-being
Energy and Vitality: The Power of Zinc

Revitalize your mind and body with Biomed's Colloidal Zinc spray. This essential micronutrient helps support brain function and memory by promoting cell regeneration . Suitable for students, professionals and athletes, our exclusive spray helps refresh the mind and fight cognitive decline. Integrating Zinc into your diet means opening the doors to renewed psychophysical well-being , a step forward towards a life full of energy.

#NaturalAntioxidant #RecoverEnergy #BellezaPiel #InnovaciónSalud #SprayZincoAttivo

Reintegrarsi in modo naturale con lo ZINCO COLLOIDALE - Integratore Colloidale Puro - Nano Gocce BIOMED 20 ppm
Promuove la Fertilità e la Libido, ZINCO COLLOIDALE - Integratore Colloidale Puro - Nano Gocce BIOMED 20 ppm
An ally to help fertility and vigor
Zinc: Pillar of Male Wellbeing

Zinc plays a key role in maintaining male vitality , improving fertility and libido . Our spray supplement not only helps to increase prostate health but also helps to tone the body, counteracting the decline in testosterone.
With Biomed's exclusive Ultra Concentrated Colloidal Zinc spray, you can promote an active existence. Choose our natural solution for lasting well-being at any age .

#HealthInnovation #Potenza25PPM #SantéZinc #NatürlicheSchönheit #VigoreMaschile

An innovation for your daily well-being
Colloidal Zinc: Natural and Direct Intake

Our Active Colloidal Zinc spray represents the pinnacle of zinc absorption , bypassing the digestive system for immediate effectiveness . Leader in the sector, Biomed srl offers a unique product with a patented system that surpasses any alternative. Also ideal for those with eating difficulties, our spray supplement is the solution for those looking for complete and natural support , a step forward towards optimizing their well-being .

#BeautéNaturelle #WellnessOlistic #VitalitéQuotidienne #SaludZinc

Per coloro che non riescono ad assumere e reintegrare lo ZINCO COLLOIDALE - Integratore Colloidale Puro - Nano Gocce BIOMED 20 ppm

#BellezzaRadiosa #GesundheitZink #PureZincSpray #EnergiaZinco #FormulaAvanzata

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