Linea DETOX Biomed, la prima linea al mondo di prodotti depuranti, disintossicanti e drenanti
DETOX Biomed
Revolutionary Biomed DETOX line



All the exclusive products of the DETOX line are made using only the active ingredient, organic herbs and barks harvested in Nature.


The products of the Biomed DETOX line are designed both as detoxifiers, detoxifiers and purifiers but also as an aid to remineralize our body .

Uncompromising detox and purification
Revolutionize your body with Biomed

Biomed is the leading company in the production of products for detoxification and purification of the body. Our exclusive line of revolutionary and unique products are specially designed to provide customers with effective solutions to remove toxins from their body. Among these, Zeolite+ in capsules and powder stand out, theFormula Caisse+ which represents the evolution of the famous Renè Caisse Formula, the Active Colloidal Bromelain at 700ppm and the Active Colloidal Milk Thistle at 1000ppm.
If you are looking to detoxify and cleanse your body naturally , Biomed is the right company for you. Choose our innovative line of products and start your journey towards a healthier, toxin-free life .

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Disintossicazione e depurazione senza compromessi COLLEZIONE DETOX Linea Disintossicante, Depurativa Biomed
Soluzioni efficaci per rimuovere le tossine dal loro corpo COLLEZIONE DETOX Linea Disintossicante, Depurativa Biomed
Zeolite+: the detox breakthrough
Zeolite: Detoxifies and remineralizes the body

There ZEOLITE+ in Powder and Capsules is a revolutionary product that can bring numerous benefits to your body. Thanks to its absorption , radiation protection, decontamination, detoxification and disinfection properties, it helps purify the body of accumulated toxins, its selective ion exchange provides essential minerals for your well-being, without overdosing.
Using zeolite can lead to a complete detoxification and reduction of acidity in the body, thus helping to maintain a healthy balance . Thanks to the cations and water molecules contained in the crystalline structure, it can help replenish lost minerals and strengthen the immune system.

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The new era of purification
Purified with the Caisse+ formula

Caisse+ in Capsules is the new advanced formula for the well-being of your body by Biomed . With seven Canadian herbs, this modern and evolved formula from the traditions of the Ojibwa Indians is the best choice to promote the body's purifying and draining functions. It replaces and enhances the old formula of René Caisse,Caisse+ and is composed of the 4 original organic herbs , plus three herbs revealed by the medicine of the Ojibwa Indians: clover , native Canadian prickly ash bark and plantain . The purifying and draining properties of this natural formula are the best choice for your well-being. Discover the power of theCaisse+ now for your body.

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The enzyme extracted from pineapple that fights water retention
Fight cellulite with Bromelain

There Active Colloidal Bromelain is the secret to smooth skin , a healthy circulatory system and better digestion. This natural enzyme, extracted from pineapple, has a draining and anti-inflammatory action, which helps improve blood circulation , reduce water retention and combat cellulite .
Completely pure , Biomed Colloidal Bromelain represents innovation in body care and well-being. With its antithrombotic action , bromelain is also an effective aid against varicose veins and circulatory disorders. Discover the power of nature with Biomed Colloidal Bromelain .

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The plant that regenerates the liver
Colloidal Milk Thistle Spray

Our liver is one of the most important organs in our body and to keep it healthy it is necessary to cleanse and detoxify it regularly. Biomed offers you the perfect solution with Active Colloidal Milk Thistle .
Its toning and decongestant action helps the liver to perform its functions better and to regenerate naturally thanks to the presence of Silymarin , an essential compound contained in Milk Thistle. Furthermore, thanks to its ability to stimulate the formation of new cells, the Thistle Mariano Colloidale Attivo is a valid ally in the prevention of future damage. Take care of your liver with Biomed.

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